Transform the language of your company

Putting sides of political preferences, many people are interested in knowing some of the keys to success that have led Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States because in addition to politics, is an example to follow in business. This man has also transformed the language of business marketing into political language.

Here we will mention some interesting results that have come out that make an analysis of the figure of the new president of the United States and the implications of this new stage.

If we know a little about the trajectory of this man, we know that Trump has a great marketing capacity that he has inherited from his time as a real estate entrepreneur and has managed to translate politics very well, launching very simple messages, repeated permanently, very easily understandable That is why if you are a Tijuana dentist, maybe you know medical terms and handle them perfectly, but your clients do not, so you can choose to speak with simple language so they can understand you and feel more comfortable with a dentist than understands.

As for the political campaign of this man, his messages have reached the hearts of many people who did not feel sufficiently represented by political power in previous years so that this is one of the keys to their sure success.

About the repercussions of Trump’s mandate on the international scene, there is an attempt to look inward, stop taking too much care of foreign affairs, and take a lot of care that there is strong economic growth in the country, even applying protectionist policies.

In this way, he has continued saying he could reach the first year of his term, saying that the economy has become very popular and a lot of employment has been generated.

The importance of everything that happens in the United States with the new mandate of Trump, due to the relevance it represents at the international level and the impact it can have for Spanish companies, as is the case of new investments in infrastructures in the United States.

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What is the conversion and why is it so important

If you have a business you are surely doing digital marketing (if you do not do it then you are very lost), it is very important for you to know that if you want your strategies to have the success you desire so much, everything must be measured, it is the only way to know if it works properly or needs to be improved. If your marketing agency or consultant does not give you measurable aspects to qualify the campaign, look for another. A good professional of online marketing knows that each day you have to make statistics of each of the events that occur on your website and social networks. The conversions metric is responsible for the success or failure of an entire project.

The best-kept secret of the big companies that succeed on the internet is the conversion. The conversion is, in terms of marketing, a percentage or decimal indicator that explains how many users or visitors have made a favorable action, be it a subscription, a purchase, a consultation or the hiring of a service. These conversion factors are personalized in each of the projects, they are not the same indicators for the page of an  american biological dentistry Tijuana  as the indicators for a sale page of baseball equipment in China.

The radical importance of conversion is to measure it. In that way, it is possible to take things seriously and see where you are really failing, why few people end up buying when visitors count by thousands.

Decrease the steps
One of the reasons why a page has a conversion factor or ratio so low is because the steps of a user from entering the page until it reaches the purchase are too many. Although it may sound quite tendentious, Internet users are the digital versions of people of flesh and blood, but much more proud and impatient. For this reason, there are many who are impatient to see that to buy something should jump through several different pages.

To make this work, you have to create a strategy where there is a landing page that includes all the information. From knowing about the product, benefits, and costs, to a colorful and bright button that indicates where to make the purchase. No more Centralizing the entire proposal on one page prevents the user from loading page after page, which, it has been proven, is not at all and the purchases will be few even if the product is unique in the market.

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Tips To Be Good To Your Boss

When we work as employees, the most recommended method to keep our boss happy is to do our job and be productive. A dental assistant said about his boss “my boss always treated me in uncourteously the mornings and that made me very hopeless, but when I started to make coffee every day and give him good morning his attitude changed completely” Everyone can treat well to employees, especially if you are a dentist in Mexico who is very famous for being very good at your job. However, this aspect is not the only one that can help us gain your trust, but there are many other human factors that can make our own boss our best ally in the office.


Always active, always ready

A boss likes to see that his employees have initiative, that they propose new ideas, that they implement different strategies, or that they are there when there is a need to lend a hand urgently. We must be determined and always be willing to be that trustworthy person who always responds when needed.


Repair your mistakes

No one is free to make mistakes. The big mistake is precisely not to repair these failures. Doing this allows us to demonstrate our involvement with work, to improve our performance in that activity (since we will finish perfecting our technique) and to demonstrate to our superiors that we know how to overcome adversity.


Show personality

Do not be one more sheep of the flock. Do not hide in the security that the group gives. Do not be a gray worker anymore. The personality is demonstrated every day, at all times, constantly, in dealing with our colleagues, in our decision-making or even in our way of greeting. Having character and personality does not mean being a despot or acting in a strange way; It means that when we are not there, it is noticed.


Be sincere

Sometimes being a good employee means being honest with our superiors, and being honest with our superiors means that sometimes we will have to say things that they do not like. This point may be somewhat daring, but depending on the type of boss we have, we may value the courage to address him with sincerity, even if it is to show our disagreement in some way.

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Sell ​​with your mobile

Now we use the cell phone for everything: taking pictures, doing accounts, calendar, entertainment, etc. But did you know that you can also increase your sales with it?

It is not news that most people spend much of our time on cell phones: looking for an address, checking the weather, checking our social networks, playing, among many other activities. Thus, we become a captive audience for any local business that knows how to use this advantage. So for any local business owner, it is vital to think about that audience and take advantage of this situation.

For example, if you have a dental clinic such as Smile Builders, you can ask people for their cell phone number and ask them if they want to receive offers and messages from the clinic via SMS. Or you can also get phone numbers from SMS marketing providers

Currently, these types of strategies are still quite attractive, with a very high response rate, since 99% of messages are opened within three minutes of receipt.

Additionally, 98% of people do something about it within a day of receiving them.

However, you must be very careful in how and how often messages are sent. For example, it is necessary to keep texts in less than 160 characters so that the message arrives completely.

Think very well your message

What people want to hear is not about a product or service, or how good a company is, but it wants to know the value, service, and utility that can offer to change realities.

Now companies must put themselves in the place of the consumer to define a message that allows achieving a strong impact, it is not only about having networks, pages or digital tools but how to use them.

In the same way, the timing is quite critical: you should consider the customers’ routine and when they are most likely to want to buy.

It is also recommended to perform retargeting through another strategy, such as email marketing, so as not to saturate them through the cell phone.

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Negotiate Professionally

Separate people from the problem

To carry out constructive and successful negotiations, it takes as a first point to separate (differentiate, not confuse) people from the problem. When you have problems with people it causes unnecessary stress and that makes your teeth become yellow and even stress can make you fat. If you have some of this problems then to go with a dentist in Tijuana and with a nutritionist

Try not to confuse the one with the other and so we will know how to negotiate any issue, however hot it may be, without harming or hurting the quality of the relationship we have with people. Always, before starting the negotiation, take control of the nerves and emotion and remember that the relationship that is involved is very important.

So, do not offend, be respectful and if we are both in that consciousness, we can solve really important problems without damaging the relationship.

Differentiate Interests VS Positions

If the negotiation focuses on positions, that is to say: I am the boss, I am the father, I always want to be right, it is not really a negotiation, it is an imposition.

Of the things that the two parties seek in this negotiation, the things that unite us, the common territory that we have And finally, we must also identify the discrepant interests, sometimes complementary and sometimes not, that will be resolved in this negotiation.

Create mutually beneficial options

We have to invent, create, be idealistic and look for ways to create mutually beneficial options. If we go to a negotiation with only options that make us win, we are falling into the traditional negotiation style (win / lose): I win 10 and the other wins 0. I leave happy, I lose the relationship and never come back to do business with the other person.

This is not about professional negotiation, this should be of mutual benefit; both parties should feel that – looking at the long-term perspective – there was a mutual benefit.

So, how can we create mutually beneficial options? For example, with brainstorming, using the methodology of Edward de Bono called “the six hats of constructive thought”. Using expert opinions from outsiders who also seek the benefit of the two parties that are negotiating.

Support you on external objective criteria

When we are negotiating or trying to reach agreements or resolving conflicts, a very important recommendation -which is also born in the negotiation methodology of Harvard University is:

Use objective criteria, that is, not only bases on that you like such a thing. If you prepare the negotiation with external criteria, such as market data, what the laws say about it, surveys, indicators, jurisprudence, then that context allows to remove subjectivity from the negotiation and give firmness to our arguments.

So, in that context, we do not have to give in to the pressure. If we have objective elements, the pressure will be lower and the application of negotiation principles will be greater.


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The Work Interview

The job interview is the main objective of all people who are in active job search, since it is a step to get the desired job. Having an appointment for a job interview means that the company has read our letter of introduction. When you look formal and with a confident smile you can get what you want to go with your dentist in Tijuana it may be the best decision you have taken before going to a sham job interview

In today’s post we want to tell you some basic recommendations on how to face a job interview and leave satisfied with ourselves, even if in the end we do not get this job, because like everything in this life, it is good to have experiences in doing interviews and the only way to acquire it is by going to them. In addition we can always get some new learning.

Prepare answers to possible questions they can ask us. Confirm the attendance, the time and date of the interview and make sure that we know how to arrive correctly at the interview site, since it is advisable not only to be punctual, but also to arrive a few minutes before the aforementioned time.

Another aspect to consider is how to dress for the job interview? We must think that the image we give will say a lot about us / as, therefore, we must take into account the type of company we go to and arrange according to it and the position we choose. This does not mean that we have to always wear a jacket, but show ourselves as we are, trying to convey a professional image.

During the job interview:

We must try to take care of both verbal and non-verbal language, be natural, smile and control, as far as possible, behaviors that demonstrate our nervousness as: modern nails, move continuously, play with the pen … Pay attention to the questions from the interviewer to give direct and concrete answers, that show our security and that highlight our qualities, training, experience or knowledge of the sector.

We must also use an appropriate tone of voice, avoiding the use of phrases as much as possible. We do not interrupt the interviewer and if we have remained with any doubt, ask her, when he / she has finished his presentation, we can even take notes of what was spoken during the interview.

One of the important things that we can not forget before leaving the interview is knowing how the selection process will continue. It is also convenient to write down the name of the person who has interviewed us and thank you for the time invested.

After the job interview:

Once the interview is over, we should analyze the positive aspects, the negative aspects and the improvement areas to be taken into account for future ones we may have. It is also advisable to keep a check on the companies that have interviewed us and the dates, because if after a reasonable time we have not had any news of the result of the same, we must call and inform us of the process.

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Innovate or die

Okay, maybe the title may seem a little aggressive but in truth, the importance of technological innovation is very important for the survival of small and medium enterprises, since whatever your business, the industry that does not change the way of thinking disappears and we have seen it even with large companies. People will pay if they see that your bussines is updated with the best technology in your area just nobody cares about Tijuana dental implants cost as long as they have the best tecnology to work.

And this is something even more dangerous for small and medium businesses because they have even more challenges to be in the learning process and changes in traditional sales processes may seem like a burden, but it does not have to be that way.

Experts predict that what we know today as sales development will tend to disappear in five years. That is why companies must accompany the change and change the way of thinking if they will not disappear.

It is important to do everything possible if it is necessary to invest large amounts of money to be pioneers in the incorporation of technology in the processes of sales and commercial management as well as in carrying out marketing strategies that break with the paradigms.

Nowadays it is essential to use the content to educate the user, giving them information that they value as useful is key to converting them into recurring clients.

In order to be successful in the construction of the content, I recommend that you investigate what kind of information the audience consumes, investigate what they need to know. Monitor social networks, they are fantastic when you want to know what consumers say, what they like and what they do not.

One of the benefits of including the content within your marketing strategy is that it can influence the purchase decision of the users who visit you. In addition, if your content is interesting you will achieve that it is shared in social media and that it is linked from other sites, which will help the web positioning of your site.

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Investment in road reconstruction

Businesses know that in order to have more customers they must have their business clean and neat, and the streets must look good too, because they pay their taxes and now a big repair in the roads is about to start the city of Tijuana, besides the transit of its citizens, have several tourists who travel to the city for medical treatments, looking for the best orthodontist in Tijuana Mexico or even Cross Border Attorneys. In a first stage, the Urban Mobility Plan that was presented by the mayor of the city will invest more than 98 million pesos in the repair of the roads of Tijuana, as well as a series of actions to reduce vehicular traffic.

This is the result of research and planning, with the aim of Tijuana having the mobility it requires, because it is something that a border city must have, a dynamism typical of Tijuana residents to be calm and live better, moving faster to their destinations, assured the municipal president.

The mayor explained that these actions will be carried out with own resources collected from the property tax and that in his administration he will continue with the policy of not stealing, and of labeling each one of the resources for the benefit of the citizens.

Changes with Sense will be implemented

To improve the circulation of daily traffic, the director of the Metropolitan Institute of Planning of Tijuana, announced the comprehensive plan changes with meaning, which was based on studies that took as a reference the population and urban growth of the city.

The municipal official indicated that several factors were also taken into accounts, such as the increase in traffic during peak hours, bottlenecks and registered accidents, so it turned out to be feasible and necessary to invest senses in strategic streets that allow the automobile flow.

The holder of the IMPLAN announced that there are other proposals to improve the fluidity of the city, in addition to make these changes will require restrictive indication of speed, circulation, and prohibition of return in the sense that will be changed, and will be is giving notice to the population one month before its execution, so that they take their precautions.

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Tips for online sales

The way of shopping has changed recently and in recent years there has been a considerable increase in internet sales, in fact, people do not only buy products, but also services, it is very common to see that people online seek medical services such as  dental work in Tijuana or Tijuana bariatrics.

So if you want to increase your sales, start by buying your domain and hire a good web design agency, they will be responsible for designing the page thinking about your audience. This is important because the buyer should enjoy a shopping experience that is simple, entertaining and complete. It also tries to have a clean and easy to manage page since customers need to find what they are looking for without having to browse or search the page.

Make the processes fast and effective
When we buy online we hope to make a quick purchase if the page is slow or we have to do many clicks it is very likely that we stress and close the page, it is very easy. For example, many pages ask for user registration, this is a good thing since you have the customer registration, however, if the buyer wants convenience, you will not always want to go through the registration process to buy, you can choose to have an option Quick purchase but still leave your email so you can continue sending promotions.

Do not forget the mobile
It is calculated that the diffusion of smartphones is higher than 85%, which means an increase in transactions by this method. That’s why it is essential that online stores have a mobile version of their page, which allows the buyer a friendly and efficient experience.

Depending on the service or product, mobile applications can be an effective channel to boost sales. Not only the process can be faster and comfortable, but the online store can have more traffic.

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Improvements you can make to your digital marketing

The social networks of your company are essential to start doing your digital marketing, whether you have money to run campaigns or not, at least if someone is looking for you on social networks you will be able to find you, and the first thing you will do is review your publications, to see the photos of your products or services and promotions, but if you find photos or publications without sense, you may decide not to buy. Remember that your followers want to hear about your company, your products and, above all, information that can benefit them.

Publish content regularly
We know that it is not easy to publish daily content, and sometimes it is not necessary, but you should do it at least between 1 and 3 times a week. In this way, your followers will continue to remember you and if you upload content to your blog on your website, you will improve your search engine positioning and attract users with the news, just as Samaritan Dental does.

Use the email!
Do you think email marketing is out of date? You’re wrong! Emails are still one of the most effective resources in online marketing. What is outdated is sending mass emails, little visuals and nothing personalized. Apply marketing automation to your email strategy and dare to be creative. Many people are renting in baja rosarito realty because of their good email marketing.
You have not discovered inbound marketing yet. If you still believe that banners are the only way to advertise online, inbound marketing can be a pleasant surprise for you. And with this strategy, you do not have to go hunting your potential clients, but they will be the ones who come to you.

Be clear who your client is
Maybe when you start you know something about your client but not as much as you would like, over time you can investigate who they are, what they like, what catches their attention, since that is the key to success in online marketing. And for that, the first thing you have to do is sit down with your team and define what that profile is: where you live, how you are, what you like, what your needs are, your tastes and hobbies.


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How to find the perfect spanish tutor for you

Hiring an Spanish tutor online might be the best option for many people who need to learn the language as soon as possible and don’t have the time to go the traditional route, but that doesn’t necessarily make the easiest way; because there’s always the issue of how to get the best tutor to help you accomplish your goals.

Finding an ideal instructor can be pretty tiring, time-consuming, and can also make quite a dent in your wallet; because it’s not only about the expertise and professionalism, it’s also about efficiency, reliability and why not, also character and personality.

Therefore, when reading reviews is important to look for specific aspects such as credentials, success rate, experience, professionalism, availability,  and reputation.

Credentials.- Are they certified? Where did they learn their Spanish? What kind of Spanish do they teach? etc. All of these are questions you should keep in mind before hiring an online Spanish course.
Success Rate.- How many people have been pleased with their program? Accomplish their goals?
Experience.- Do they consult or hire native speakers? People who travel Hispanic places or have lived there?, How long have they been in the business?
Professionalism.- Are they punctual? Do they have a structured lesson plan? are they encouraging? ? etc.
Availability.- Do they have flexible schedules? How flexible are they really? What about the material?
Reputation.- Is the team/staff helpful? friendly? fun? How quick are they to answer inquiries? offer technical support? are they patient? understanding?
All of these never forgetting that cost can be an important factor, but it shouldn’t be the main aspect to take into consideration because as they say in Spanish “lo barato sale caro”, which basically means that what’s cheap can turn to be expensive on the long haul.

In the end getting the best of your money is up to you, and nowadays is easier to get feedback on language courses thanks to the wonders of the Internet, social networks, search engines, etc.

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Weekly Ideas Post

Probablemente lo más fascinante acerca de la propiedad de salón ha sido la decoración. El desarrollo de una marca le da una demostración de un salón unico con hermosos muebles para salon de belleza en tijuana que te detiene a contemplar, la primera impresión tiene el poder de cambiar el humor para bien o para mal. En caso de que el Zen sea lo suyo, piense la naturaleza: tonos tierra, colores tranquilos. Al introducir la iluminación incandescente con el piso o tal vez la incorporación de plantas y lámparas de mesa o tal vez una cascada de mesa, que son capaces de desarrollar un spa como la atmósfera en un centavo.

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