3 Signs You Have Found the Best Food Truck Builders

The process of vetting food truck builders and creating a short list of potential companies is a grueling, time consuming task. However, it is extremely important and shouldn’t be rushed. Clearly, your goal is to be successful in a food truck business by offering amazing cuisine to a wide variety of customers while creating a buzz around your brand. In order to do this, you need to work with a food truck builder that manufactures custom high-quality vehicles according to your needs and the local market you will be serving.

After visiting their websites and checking out local food truck builders, you will want to begin reaching out to the best of the best. Here are three signs you have found the best food truck builders and are not wasting your time having conversations with subpar hands.

1. Look for Food Truck Builders with Client Variety in their Portfolio

The hallmark of a top food truck builder is one that has a wide variety of projects and client types. This demonstrates their ability to effectively communicate with a large cross section of professionals ranging from small, family-run businesses to large corporations that order multiple custom food trucks. Working with food truck builders who have repeat business from large corporations also testify to their high-quality and ability to deliver exceptional food truck fabrications on time. It also demonstrates to their record for only using top quality food truck equipment.

2. Food Truck Builders Who Also Know Marketing

Not only do food truck builders need to produce vehicles that offer the right configuration and equipment for owners to grow, the food truck must also be built to market against the competition. This typically exists in the creative branding executed by savvy food truck builders. There are two main ways to brand a food truck: paint job or vinyl wraps. Some food truck businesses love a hand-painted design for that more authentic look. Some of the best food truck builders have highly skilled artists who specialize in airbrushing, 3D graphics and delicate brush work, and many food truck buyers love it. However, vinyl wraps are currently the most popular method because they last longer than pain and don’t require constant touch-ups.

The best food truck builders also know how to design your truck to resonate with the right customers. Look for a food truck company that actually does market research into your geographic area, the customers you want to target, and how eaters traditionally engage with the type of food you plan to serve. Then see how they plan to market this through a clever food truck design.

3. Look for a Food Truck Builder with Access to Permitting

The best food truck builders can help save their clients time and money by building the vehicle to meet all the legal requirements for licensing and permits. Some states have strict labor laws, and food handling regulations must also be met. A good food truck builder will know these laws and partially use them into the build strategy. The greatest food truck builders also help their clients actually get the permits required for operation.