Expert Tips on Switching Your Retail Product Packaging Print Provider

If your organization is vetting product packaging print companies to improve retail sales and processes, you have quite the battle ahead, but a necessary one to solidify your growth. When product packaging printing companies make errors, it can cost brands millions of dollars. From losing vital relationships with big box retailers, to product damage, mistakes made in retail boxes and printing cna cause chaos. In some cases printing errors on consumable goods have caused businesses to cave in due to class-action lawsuits. When it comes to product packaging printing companies, perfection is a must.

If your current product packaging print provider is starting to make little mistakes, now is the time to vet new providers before a little mistake turns into a PR nightmare. These tips will help you switch packaging print companies, and provide tips on finding a better partner to work with.

When is the Best Time to Change Packaging Print Companies?

Switching packaging printing companies is not a split-decision to make embarking on immediate actions. The last thing you need is to switch product packaging print providers mid way through a huge project only to experience a massive loss. Start vetting new providers and start assigning small tasks and assignments, bit by bit. Increase these tasks until you have practically outsourced everything, then make the switch. By this point you will get a feel for how reputable your new packaging printing company is, and the quality they deliver.

Retail packaging Structural Engineering

Make sure the product packaging company you switch to excels at structural engineering for product packaging. Some brands have trapped themselves into excessive spending by partnering with a packaging printing company that doesn’t offer all the essential services. When products are irregularly shaped, or the retail boxes must be designed to protect the product’s integrity while having a clear plastic component that reveals various features, structural engineering is required. If you have to outsource to a new provider for miscellaneous tasks, the costs shoot up due to manpower time spent in doing the research and forming the new relationship, and the charges will likely be higher.

Product Printing Packaging Companies Should Offer All Retail Box Types

From litholam boxes to folding cartons, and PET plastic retail boxes to plastic tube packaging for retail goods, your new printing packaging company should offer solutions for all product box types. Often, product packaging for various retail goods will change based on sales data. Customers report that packaging is a massive component to their buying decisions. If sales dwindle and brands consult with their sales team, customer surveys and other telling data only to discover that the packaging doesn’t resonate with consumers, the retail boxes will need a big change. Whether this means changing the box type entirely, or reso the box design and messaging, your new packaging printing company should have the marketing knowledge to help define the problem and ameliorate it while keeping cost front and center.