How 3D Mapping and Multimedia Art Enhance Special Events

From big corporate powerhouse special events to new product releases, in order for a special event to truly be “special”, it must captivate audiences in memorable, creative spectacle. This is where 3D mapping and multimedia art step in, and take average shows to incredible shows that manipulate technologies to create immersive experiences.

What is 3D Mapping?

3D mapping, also called projection mapping, is a type of multimedia technology that uses projectors to map our light-powered designs and images onto any surface. While traditional video projectors display images on flat screen, 3D mapping project images on three dimensional objects to create interactive displays. In layman’s terms, it is simply displaying an image on a non-flat surface of color.

In addition to going by the name “projection mapping”, some industry pros refer to 3D mapping as “spatial augmented reality” and “video mapping”. But despite the name 3D mapping goes by, it has a number of uses that include live concerts, advertising, gaming, theatre, computing, special events, and decoration for any occasion ranging from fashion shows to weddings. In some cases, specialized software is required to run an amazing 3D mapping component to a multimedia stage design in order for physical objects and virtual content to align.

3D Mapping and Multimedia Art Suck the Audience In Deeper

We all know that one’s ability to entice viewers and stir the emotional sauce within consumer audiences is the best way to make a connection. And when brands make emotional connections with buyers, sales roll out and brand loyalty develops. 3D mapping is an ideal multimedia art format for bridging brands with audiences while creating memorable and emotional experiences. Various surveys reveal that when concrete objects and given human attributes, emotional bonds ensue. Because 3D mapping creates augmented reality using virtual digital technology into real life environments, spectators are able to feel the human elements within non-human entities.

Multimedia Art Powered by Projection Mapping Conveys Value for Viewers

If your special event (such as a product launch) has a goal to promote value around an object or an experience, projection mapping can help highlight features and selling-points. Because 3D mapping is a form of augmented reality, various multimedia designs can help convey value in areas that may be challenging for consumers to understand. For example, if an automaker is unveiling their newest sports car in a branded event, and the car’s pop-up display helps improve the high-speed driving experience, 3D mapping can be used to help audience members see the pop-up display feature while giving the feeling that the world is passing by at high speeds.

3D mapping can also help highlight human experiences by projecting people onto objects using mirrors and timed lighting effects in a synchronized multimedia show. The possibilities are endless.