Investment in road reconstruction

Businesses know that in order to have more customers they must have their business clean and neat, and the streets must look good too, because they pay their taxes and now a big repair in the roads is about to start the city of Tijuana, besides the transit of its citizens, have several tourists who travel to the city for medical treatments, looking for the best orthodontist in Tijuana Mexico or even Cross Border Attorneys. In a first stage, the Urban Mobility Plan that was presented by the mayor of the city will invest more than 98 million pesos in the repair of the roads of Tijuana, as well as a series of actions to reduce vehicular traffic.

This is the result of research and planning, with the aim of Tijuana having the mobility it requires, because it is something that a border city must have, a dynamism typical of Tijuana residents to be calm and live better, moving faster to their destinations, assured the municipal president.

The mayor explained that these actions will be carried out with own resources collected from the property tax and that in his administration he will continue with the policy of not stealing, and of labeling each one of the resources for the benefit of the citizens.

Changes with Sense will be implemented

To improve the circulation of daily traffic, the director of the Metropolitan Institute of Planning of Tijuana, announced the comprehensive plan changes with meaning, which was based on studies that took as a reference the population and urban growth of the city.

The municipal official indicated that several factors were also taken into accounts, such as the increase in traffic during peak hours, bottlenecks and registered accidents, so it turned out to be feasible and necessary to invest senses in strategic streets that allow the automobile flow.

The holder of the IMPLAN announced that there are other proposals to improve the fluidity of the city, in addition to make these changes will require restrictive indication of speed, circulation, and prohibition of return in the sense that will be changed, and will be is giving notice to the population one month before its execution, so that they take their precautions.