Sell ​​with your mobile

Now we use the cell phone for everything: taking pictures, doing accounts, calendar, entertainment, etc. But did you know that you can also increase your sales with it?

It is not news that most people spend much of our time on cell phones: looking for an address, checking the weather, checking our social networks, playing, among many other activities. Thus, we become a captive audience for any local business that knows how to use this advantage. So for any local business owner, it is vital to think about that audience and take advantage of this situation.

For example, if you have a dental clinic such as Smile Builders, you can ask people for their cell phone number and ask them if they want to receive offers and messages from the clinic via SMS. Or you can also get phone numbers from SMS marketing providers

Currently, these types of strategies are still quite attractive, with a very high response rate, since 99% of messages are opened within three minutes of receipt.

Additionally, 98% of people do something about it within a day of receiving them.

However, you must be very careful in how and how often messages are sent. For example, it is necessary to keep texts in less than 160 characters so that the message arrives completely.

Think very well your message

What people want to hear is not about a product or service, or how good a company is, but it wants to know the value, service, and utility that can offer to change realities.

Now companies must put themselves in the place of the consumer to define a message that allows achieving a strong impact, it is not only about having networks, pages or digital tools but how to use them.

In the same way, the timing is quite critical: you should consider the customers’ routine and when they are most likely to want to buy.

It is also recommended to perform retargeting through another strategy, such as email marketing, so as not to saturate them through the cell phone.