The Work Interview

The job interview is the main objective of all people who are in active job search, since it is a step to get the desired job. Having an appointment for a job interview means that the company has read our letter of introduction. When you look formal and with a confident smile you can get what you want to go with your dentist in Tijuana it may be the best decision you have taken before going to a sham job interview

In today’s post we want to tell you some basic recommendations on how to face a job interview and leave satisfied with ourselves, even if in the end we do not get this job, because like everything in this life, it is good to have experiences in doing interviews and the only way to acquire it is by going to them. In addition we can always get some new learning.

Prepare answers to possible questions they can ask us. Confirm the attendance, the time and date of the interview and make sure that we know how to arrive correctly at the interview site, since it is advisable not only to be punctual, but also to arrive a few minutes before the aforementioned time.

Another aspect to consider is how to dress for the job interview? We must think that the image we give will say a lot about us / as, therefore, we must take into account the type of company we go to and arrange according to it and the position we choose. This does not mean that we have to always wear a jacket, but show ourselves as we are, trying to convey a professional image.

During the job interview:

We must try to take care of both verbal and non-verbal language, be natural, smile and control, as far as possible, behaviors that demonstrate our nervousness as: modern nails, move continuously, play with the pen … Pay attention to the questions from the interviewer to give direct and concrete answers, that show our security and that highlight our qualities, training, experience or knowledge of the sector.

We must also use an appropriate tone of voice, avoiding the use of phrases as much as possible. We do not interrupt the interviewer and if we have remained with any doubt, ask her, when he / she has finished his presentation, we can even take notes of what was spoken during the interview.

One of the important things that we can not forget before leaving the interview is knowing how the selection process will continue. It is also convenient to write down the name of the person who has interviewed us and thank you for the time invested.

After the job interview:

Once the interview is over, we should analyze the positive aspects, the negative aspects and the improvement areas to be taken into account for future ones we may have. It is also advisable to keep a check on the companies that have interviewed us and the dates, because if after a reasonable time we have not had any news of the result of the same, we must call and inform us of the process.