Tips To Be Good To Your Boss

When we work as employees, the most recommended method to keep our boss happy is to do our job and be productive. A dental assistant said about his boss “my boss always treated me in uncourteously the mornings and that made me very hopeless, but when I started to make coffee every day and give him good morning his attitude changed completely” Everyone can treat well to employees, especially if you are a dentist in Mexico who is very famous for being very good at your job. However, this aspect is not the only one that can help us gain your trust, but there are many other human factors that can make our own boss our best ally in the office.


Always active, always ready

A boss likes to see that his employees have initiative, that they propose new ideas, that they implement different strategies, or that they are there when there is a need to lend a hand urgently. We must be determined and always be willing to be that trustworthy person who always responds when needed.


Repair your mistakes

No one is free to make mistakes. The big mistake is precisely not to repair these failures. Doing this allows us to demonstrate our involvement with work, to improve our performance in that activity (since we will finish perfecting our technique) and to demonstrate to our superiors that we know how to overcome adversity.


Show personality

Do not be one more sheep of the flock. Do not hide in the security that the group gives. Do not be a gray worker anymore. The personality is demonstrated every day, at all times, constantly, in dealing with our colleagues, in our decision-making or even in our way of greeting. Having character and personality does not mean being a despot or acting in a strange way; It means that when we are not there, it is noticed.


Be sincere

Sometimes being a good employee means being honest with our superiors, and being honest with our superiors means that sometimes we will have to say things that they do not like. This point may be somewhat daring, but depending on the type of boss we have, we may value the courage to address him with sincerity, even if it is to show our disagreement in some way.