What is the conversion and why is it so important

If you have a business you are surely doing digital marketing (if you do not do it then you are very lost), it is very important for you to know that if you want your strategies to have the success you desire so much, everything must be measured, it is the only way to know if it works properly or needs to be improved. If your marketing agency or consultant does not give you measurable aspects to qualify the campaign, look for another. A good professional of online marketing knows that each day you have to make statistics of each of the events that occur on your website and social networks. The conversions metric is responsible for the success or failure of an entire project.

The best-kept secret of the big companies that succeed on the internet is the conversion. The conversion is, in terms of marketing, a percentage or decimal indicator that explains how many users or visitors have made a favorable action, be it a subscription, a purchase, a consultation or the hiring of a service. These conversion factors are personalized in each of the projects, they are not the same indicators for the page of an  american biological dentistry Tijuana  as the indicators for a sale page of baseball equipment in China.

The radical importance of conversion is to measure it. In that way, it is possible to take things seriously and see where you are really failing, why few people end up buying when visitors count by thousands.

Decrease the steps
One of the reasons why a page has a conversion factor or ratio so low is because the steps of a user from entering the page until it reaches the purchase are too many. Although it may sound quite tendentious, Internet users are the digital versions of people of flesh and blood, but much more proud and impatient. For this reason, there are many who are impatient to see that to buy something should jump through several different pages.

To make this work, you have to create a strategy where there is a landing page that includes all the information. From knowing about the product, benefits, and costs, to a colorful and bright button that indicates where to make the purchase. No more Centralizing the entire proposal on one page prevents the user from loading page after page, which, it has been proven, is not at all and the purchases will be few even if the product is unique in the market.